My parents decided to do away with one of two traditions we still did (compared to the 2 dozen I can remember as a kid) which was getting all dolled up for a nice Christmas Eve dinner followed by looking at the lights. 

Instead, we’re all in different rooms, watching Tv, in sweats. I’d go hang out with my mom but tears keep spontaneously appearing. It’s no use trying to explain how much this meant to me, how much I needed this one night a year that my family just purely spends together. My favorite holiday for reasons they can’t seem to understand. All we have left is going to see a movie tomorrow, an activity that requires no interaction whatsoever. 

I really, truly hope that everyone else is having a much different evening filled with love and laughter. 

  December 24, 2013 at 06:50pm

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Their is nothing better than a stiff drink after hard day at work !

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Photos by Andrew Montgomery - Amanda Hoskin, Cornish Artist - Country Living Magazine

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